Inspection Services

Areas of Expertise

Independent Plumbing Inspections

We provide a full inspection service from domestic installations to multi storey developments, all trade  waste components and roofing installations with appropriate documentation

Property Sewerage Assessments

We provide site visits, feasibility assessments and reports for future backlog sewer extensions.

Trade Waste Audits

We provide a full inspection service to assist Companies’ with their Trade Waste responsibilities

Recycled Water Inspections

We provide full inspection service with appropriate documentation to meet our client’s requirements.

Backflow Prevention Assessments

We provide accurate and comprehensive assessment and testing of backflow devices to ensure the  health and safety of the community and the protection of our client’s assets

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing

We provide a complete testing and servicing of Thermostatic Mixing Valves to meet the requirements of the relevant standards and manufactures specification to form part of your risk management requirement.

Rainwater Tank Inspections

We provide in depth investigations of Rainwater tank installations ensuring that the appropriate backflow prevention are met to eliminate any impact on the reticulated water supply.