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A innovative and dynamic company, HMM Inspection Services Pty Ltd has put the focus back into Plumbing. Plumbing is the essence of any building providing the link between the Building and those people who live and work within it. Plumbing services through their links to Health and Safety demands that our inspections be carried out by skilled people with a wealth of knowledge developed over time and through the experience gained from hundreds even thousands of projects.

Our skilled and committed team of people ensures a level of service only offered by specialist type businesses, paying particular attention to our needs. We have an unrivalled reputation for delivering unique quality plumbing solutions and presenting them in an uncomplicated format which ensures a seamless transition from conception to completion. 

The building industry is a very dynamic and changing environment, demanding skilled people with extensive experience acquired over many years. HMM Inspection Services Pty Ltd applies this wealth of specialised knowledge to meet the demands, outcomes and time frames of our clients. 

HMM Inspection Services Pty Ltd has a committed team able to provide our clients exceptional service at all times This service is ensured by: An enthusiastic and proactive management team.

Company Philosophy

The basic philosophy of the Company is to provide an inspection service of the highest standard that  complies with the project brief and statutory regulations.  In order to achieve this it is important to become familiar with all aspects of the industry from new design concepts,product and technology advancements and budgets.

The Company recognises the importance and emphasises that care must be taken to ensure that the  protection of all assets and the wellbeing of the community at large.

Foremost in the Company’s philosophy, is the commitment to the end user, who must be satisfied with  the overall project in regard to performance and compliance.HMM Plumbing Inspections


Independent Plumbing Inspections

Property Sewerage Assessments

Trade Waste Audits

Recycled Water Inspections

Backflow Prevention Assessments

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing

Rainwater Tank Inspections

Plumbing Audits

The Future

Providing logical and accurate plumbing solutions.
Providing ongoing in house training and assessment to all our staff to meet the constantly changing  regulations of the plumbing industry.
Ongoing liaison with our clients to ensure that their expectations and requirements are met.

Prompt responses to all enquiries from our clients.

Each and every project provides a unique set of challenges.These challenges have a range of solutions available which our Senior Management team investigate and implement to achieve to appropriate  outcomes.

Our extensive experience enables HMM Inspection Services Pty Ltd to impart a wealth of knowledge strengthening the inspection teams ability to achieve the project goals and resolve all challenges in an timely manner.